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Sestini Eyewear was established in 2020 as the long-awaited brainchild of Carlo Sestini. Carlo Sestini saw sunglasses as more than an accessory. Shielding the eyes from not only the sun but also ones surroundings, they allow the wearer to become an observer. Carlo has spent many of his adult years abroad, but constantly finds himself summoned back to his native Italy and its unique essence and way of life. Vehemently perfectionistic and detail-oriented, he is drawn equally to things of beauty as to objects of simplicity. With a focus on exceptional materials, impeccable detail, and the highest level of craftsmanship, the brand juxtaposes timeless subtlety and concision with Italian elegance and beauty. Sestini Eyewear was born out of Carlo’s desire to share his distinctive vision and create a tangible legacy.



Brought to life through slow and thoughtful artisanship in a departure from today’s ubiquitous school of fast fashion, each pair of Sestini sunglasses is created with the idea of providing the customer a classic, enduring and quintessential Italian product. Conceived as a future heirloom for tomorrow’s generations, our sunglasses are designed to withstand the test of time and the passing of trends. By carefully selecting our partners, we are also acting to preserve Italian heritage and values. Hard work and respect of production techniques is key in our sunglasses story. Each one is the result of a legacy made of skills carefully protected and passed through generations. Asserting our loyalty to this heritage, we made its protection our priority, for better products, for our customers and better production techniques for the next generations. Aesthetics come second: the fundamental ethos of Sestini Eyewear lies in protecting the eyes. Faced with the sensory overload of contemporary life, the answer is not to close ones eyes, but rather to protect them. For this reason, Carl Zeiss lenses were selected: widely regarded as the pinnacle of quality, Carl Zeiss lenses offer ultimate UV protection and high-performing vision.



Sustainability has always been at the core of Sestini and we’re committed to implementing a circular economy by 2025. We don’t believe in products that are costly to human or animal life, and environmental impact is always considered at the starting point of our design process. Quality reigns over quantity: each model is a limited edition available in only three colour ways and made in limited quantities. To guarantee a sustainable experience, today the sunglasses pouch, the lens-cleaning cloth, along with written materials that you receive with your orders are made from recycled materials. Tomorrow, all Sestini sunglasses will follow suit. In order to give back as much as we can to Mother Nature, we will plant one tree for every pair of sunglasses sold, via our partners at One Tree Planted. By doing so, we are limiting our carbon footprint at high levels in order to create timeless pieces without harming our environment or our community. To make sure, we always improve our efforts, we are constantly researching and developing new ways to produce and sell sunglasses. At Sestini, sustainability is also at the core of our vision and values. By producing all of our sunglasses in a unique Italian atelier and sourcing all the elements around it, we are making sure the production itself is complying with modern sustainable principles. Respecting tradition and embracing slow luxury in our business model is the biggest sustainable step we could have taken.

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